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Fire Pump Inspection

Fire pumps are the life-blood of any fire sprinkler system.  They stand sentinel 24/7 ready to spring into action  ensuring adequate water flow and pressure to your sprinkler system in case of a fire. 

Fire pump systems are fully automatic and are integrated into your fire alarm system.  They incorporate sophisticated electric motor controllers and jockey pumps to operate correctly under all conditions.

Inspections and maintenance are critical to ensure these fire pump systems work when needed. 

Let DIMAR Systems take care of your pump system and give you peace-of-mind.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Fire sprinkler systems are very reliable, and stand ready 24/7 to extinguish localized fires automatically.  They are integrated into and closely with your fire alarm system.  They often employ booster pumps to ensure the correct flow to the many sprinkler heads.  Inspections are critical to ensure these life-saving devices work when needed. 

Keep your building safe, let DIMAR Systems inspect your fire sprinkler system to ensure there are no leaks, the correct heads are installed and your system is working properly. 

Fire Alarm, Mass Notification, Emergency Egress Inspection

Fire Alarm Systems are your ground-zero life-saving technology for keeping your people safe from injury or death due to a fire.  Fire Alarm systems can save lives, your building and minimize property loss. 

These systems use smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your building to sense a fire, then visually and by sirens, alert people to evacuate.  Automatic reporting of the fire alerts your firefighters and paramedics to rush to the scene.

Inspection of fire alarms systems is critical and is required by law, insurance companies, and your municipal fire codes. 

DIMAR Systems trained and certified inspectors will keep your life safety systems operational and in compliance.  We actively track your inspection due dates and schedule inspections before it's too late.

Don’t get caught out of compliance with a non-working fire alarm system, call DIMAR Systems today to schedule a visit.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Inspection

Commercial range hoods are a known fire hazard and have been the starting point for many fires in restaurants and hotels over the years.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established basic inspection and cleaning requirements that specifies exactly what must be done to ensure your safety.

Official inspections can only be completed by technicians and companies who have been trained and certified by a local governmental authority that has jurisdiction, (AHJ), in accordance with the applicable NFPA codes.

Range hood fire suppression inspections involve knowledge of many NFPA codes. For example, Code 17A covers wet chemical fire extinguishing systems.

Range hood and kitchen fire extinguishing systems have specific inspection requirements that must be adhered to, many kitchen hood fire extinguishing systems are required to be inspected on a six-month inspection schedule.

Inspections and system servicing must be accomplished by trained and certified technicians who understand the applicable NFPA and your local codes.  DIMAR Systems is trained and certified in these inspection procedures. 

Call today; let our 28 years of fire safety experience help keep your kitchens safe. 

Potable Water Backflow Preventer Inspection & Maintenance

Your backflow preventer maintains clean, safe, potable water to your building, your systems and your people.  Without properly operating preventers, your water can become contaminated, expose you to dangerous chemicals, even transfer potentially fatal substances into your drinking water.

Testing and inspection of backflow preventers are required by NFPA, and local municipal codes.  We can test and inspect your system and provide proof that no chemical and biological contamination of your water supply has occurred.

DIMAR Systems typically tests valves for proper and adequate operation; we ensure your backflow preventers are performing in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications.  The hard water we use in the Southwest can wreak havoc with backflow preventers, locking them up and stopping them from functioning properly. We inspect gaskets and seals for wear, leaking, and aging.  We certify that your backflow preventer is installed according to municipal code and is sized for your structure’s water supply needs. 

DIMAR Systems can ensure that these high-flow, high-pressure water safety systems operate properly for years to come.  Our comprehensive inspection services are administered by certified experts.  We are licensed and highly knowledgeable, and can provide all of the inspection and maintenance services you need. 

Call us today to schedule your inspection today!

Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service

DIMAR Systems is your total solution for all types of portable fire extinguishers, service and inspection, to help your company protect lives, property and be in compliance with fire codes.

Dry chemical extinguishers are designed to be light weight and easy to use, protecting you against light and ordinary fire hazards.

Dry chemical extinguishers are a great solution for schools, hospitals, offices, auto shops and laboratories.

DIMAR Systems can get new, certified fire extinguishers delivered to your business in one day.  We have expert staff available to inspect and service all fire extinguisher brands, with just one call.

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